The OG Girls
Comedy Thriller

An actress, a dancer, a psychic
and a rocker come to Los
Angeles to chase their dreams.
They get hired at a marijuana
dispensary as delivery drivers
and get caught up in a criminal
International Spy Thriller

MI6 secret agent William Hastings is on
a mission pursuing terrorists in France.
He uncovers a plot to build backpack
sized nuclear warheads for an
American billionaire who wants to start
World War III.
Cult of the Vampire (2016)
Thriller, Horror

Xandra, a rebellious vampire sets out on
her own in pursuit of love and Rock 'N'
Roll, but there is no escape from the long
arms of the coven.

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Ciaran the Demon Hunter (2016)

Horror, Fantasy, Thriller

When a rash of demonic possessions occurs
in Los Angeles, the Vatican summons an
Irish Priest with mysterious powers: Ciaran
the Demon Hunter.

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Alien Encounter

Two college students, Cameron
and Justin go camping in the
Arizona mountains for the
weekend only to find themselves
lost on a beach somewhere in
California. Missing time, the
mystery deepens when Cameron
uncovers a unknown specimen not
from Earth. In a race against time,
with the government hot on their
trail, Cameron and Justin's
journey twists and turns and
becomes more than just another
close encounter.