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'Cult of The Vampire' Horror Movie Review
by Wesley Thomas Horror Author

This movie is one to watch if you appreciate realistic acting, great music, and
excellent filmography.

In short, we have the central character who is a vampire by the name of Xandra,
living in the modern world. But that doesn't come without its struggles. She seeks
peace and understanding by surfing at night. She is also a third of a band. A band
that produces some great music. However, Xandra belongs to a cult of vampires
who are possessive to say the least. By living among mortals Xandra is betraying
the cult. Who are desperate to get her obedience by any means necessary. Even
if it means upturning her existence and targeting those she holds dear.

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Cult of the Vampire still in the product listings of
Day One, page 56 Hollywood Reporter.

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