Cult of the Vampire (2016)
Thriller, Horror

Synopsis: Xandra is a modern day vampire bound by a
coven she wants nothing to do with. Abandoned by the
one who turned her, she finds love in the arms of a
human named Camille. Xandra’s passion for music fills
her hours. She breaks the rules and joins a rock band.
Drago the coven’s sadistic enforcer is sent to deal with
her. He imprisons Xandra but her fate is put in the
hands of Cairo the compassionate leader. She is left
alone in the basement to contemplate the error of her
ways. Cairo releases her with the warning not to
venture into the limelight again. Xandra’s spirit is not
broken. She returns to her life unable to explain her
disappearance and after awhile she is able to gain
back the trust of Camille and her bandmates. All
seems well until an attack on Camille leaves her for
dead. Xandra has no choice but to turn her. Camille
transforms with an insatiable craving for blood, while
Xandra struggles to manage her. The girls go on the
lamb while trying to record their album, always on
alert for Drago. Camille vanishes during a recording
session and Xandra has to face the coven to get her

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Marche Du Film debut
World Premiere
Friday, May 14th 2016

Screener available on Cinando